Rơ le bán dẫn
Rơ le 3phase 30A~160A SCR (Caho)

  • Load current ranges from 30 to 160 Amps.
  • Internally mounted snubber circuit protection for huge current (dv/dt) application.
  • Zero Crossing turn-on, Zero current turn-off.
  • With LED display to detect the operating of devices.
  • Photo-isolation, 4000V rms isolation.
  • With S.C.R. module to control
  • Ambient Temperature-10~55, below 90% humidity
  • Weight :30A~40A approx. 3.2 Kg   60A~100A approx. 4.5 Kg
  •             120A~160A approx. 5 Kg

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