Tên SP: Thiết bị xoay nâng 100DH
Mã SP: 100DH
Lượt xem: 321
Giá SP: Liên hệ để có giá tốt nhất



Item Sym-bol Unit Value
Allowable thrust load on output shaft C1 kgf 10.6
Allowable radial load on output shaft C2 kgf 24.9
Allowable torque on output shaft Ts kgf-m Refer torque table
Allowable thrust load on input shaft C3 kgf 132
Max. repetitive bending force on input shaft C4 kgf 105
Max. repetitive torque on input shaft C5 kgf-m 10.8
GD2 of input shaft (Note1) C6 kgf-m2 1.5 x 10-2
Indexing accuracy   sec. ±30
Weight   kg 30
  1. GD2 of input shaft is a value in dwell range.
  2. Value of C1 to C5 are those obtained for safety factor=2.
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